Director of Strategy (remote)

We are PACIFIC, a marketing agency that delivers conversion-focused content & integrated marketing buzzword buzzword buzzword…in search of a Director of Strategy. 

Here’s what we do: collaborate with a killer team of marketers across the agency to make our clients’ brands a lot of money, make our clients the heroes of their companies, and deliver award-winning work that integrates performance marketing and brand-building in a way no one ever thought to do, and that no one can do better than us. Our clients include enterprise brands (ex. Expedia, Square, Petco, CVS), start-ups (ex. Hopin, Client Giant), and non-profits (ex. Water.org, San Diego Blood Bank). 

If you want to see some of that work, check out our reel video for some examples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Rpi98TXUKE

The Role:

About the whole “performance marketing AND brand-building” thing, it’s important for you to know this is not the typical Senior Strategist role you’d expect at most creative agencies.

You’ll definitely get to work on things like creative campaigns and brand strategy, but what we’re really looking for is more of a generalist, someone who can also think across a variety of performance marketing disciplines, such as search marketing (SEO and SEM), digital paid media (including paid social), email marketing, user experience design, and conversion optimization. We’re looking for someone who is a master content strategist across the spectrum from leveraging content to build a brand, to leveraging content to close a sale, to content strategy that makes a customer service team’s job easier. 

Now if you’re thinking this is one of those annoying job listings where the company is expecting you to do three jobs in one, it isn’t. We hate those too. Again, we need a generalist or even an expert in a particular area within strategy that knows enough to be dangerous in other areas. If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you. 

This is a remote position for candidates located in the U.S.


/ What you'll do

  • Dive deep into consumer, cultural, and category research to help articulate customer insights that will motivate consideration, purchase, and trust for the products and services of our clients.
  • Develop & deliver strategic plans and presentations and present these to our clients on the regular.
  • Leverage both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, along with software technology, to make pulling off the first two bullet points easier.
  • Think outside of the box, actually just think outside, like out in the world outside. You won’t craft killer strategies sitting at a desk staring at your laptop and your best ideas won’t always come to you while you’re working. Go out in the world, make interesting observations about what you see, and report back. Develop a mind-blowing strategy inspired by the films you’re watching, the books you’re reading, the music you’re listening to, or the person sitting next to you in a restaurant.
  • Maintain a strong knowledge (and help the agency maintain a strong knowledge) of the current (and emerging) state of media, technological innovations, and global trends.
  • Satisfy the Strategy team’s eternal appetite to better synthesize complex issues, and articulate how to turn abstract concepts into clear and concise opportunities.
  • Collaborate on sales pitches and other activities related to new business opportunities. You’ll spend most of your time on client work, but we’ll keep some of your time free for jumping into pitches as needed.

/ Your Background

  • 7+ years of relevant marketing agency or consultancy experience within the strategy discipline
  • An exemplary degree of integrity and a dislike for deceptive marketing practices.
  • Demonstrated success operating multi-channel, retainer-based, or project-based marketing campaigns at scale.
  • Outstanding written and oral presentation skills. THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT. Great strategists are great writers! It’s part of the whole “being good at thinking” thing. You don’t need to have a degree in writing or a published novel, but you need to write. And the presentation skills? Yeah, you’re going to be presenting stuff all the time, so please bring it with this one.
  • Preferred but NOT required: 3 -5 years spent mentoring and managing staff.
  • A passion for discovering what drives human motivation.
  • You collaborate well, you’re easy to work with, and you’re fun to work with.
  • A willingness to not only learn from us but to help us learn from YOU. You’ve got a great brain and a lot to teach us. Let’s do this.

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