GDPR & The Loss of Data: Why Marketers Should Rejoice

Could GDPR actually be a good thing for marketers? PACIFIC's Hussein Ebied thinks so.

Written by PACIFIC The Discovery Group
on 06.20.18

A lot’s been published about GDPR over the past few months. There have been articles, webinars, and videos about this new regulation as well as various related topics.

Generally speaking, there’s a wealth of information online about GDPR, how it works, and its implications for businesses who serve audiences in the European Union. What’s unique about this new body of laws is that it affects everyone in an organization. From engineering and design to sales and analytics, GDPR has far reaching consequences for any company that historically depended on user data for conducting its business and marketing operations.

As would be expected, there’s been a lot of doom and gloom predictions as marketers all over the world consider how much information and valuable consumer insights will be lost to them in the post GDPR era.

In my recent whitepaper on the subject, I offer an alternative view to all marketers. I believe GDPR will be a positive force in our industry. It will force us to be more creative elevate our craft. Those who succeed in this new environment will drive unprecedented levels of success for their companies and clients.

Download the white paper here.