Why the name "PACIFIC?"

Written by Norman Brauns
on 03.07.15

Well, the ocean is our inspiration. It represents so much of what’s important to us as an agency – its diversity, energy, and limitlessness parallel values that inspire us every day. Its unexplored depth is a constant reminder that there will always be so much more to learn and understand about the rapidly evolving world of SEO.

As digital pioneers, we aim to explore uncharted territory in our industry. Whether it’s examining how content creation and SEO intersect, or researching social media trends, our team is invested in finding innovative solutions to familiar problems. At our core, we believe that SEO has not fully embraced the nuances of marketing and the complexities of consumer behaviors. That’s why we strive to be ambitious in discovering new geographically focused techniques and approaches for our customers.

Not only did I want to contribute to the world of SEO, but to found an agency that would always prioritize the sentiment “principle over profit.” This mentality was a key component in coding our company’s DNA, as it reflects our values in ensuring that our staff realizes their full potential. This type of validation not only creates a vibrant work environment, but allows our team to confidently move forward in creating organizational value and knowledge for our clients as well as the industry in its entirety.

Over the coming months we’ll be launching a series of proprietary technologies and agency enhancements that will further enrich how we support our clients. What won’t change is our commitment to providing world-class solutions and thinking—we remain as ambitious and dedicated as ever when it comes to achieving your business’ aspirations. And as we move forward with our business strategy, we will never lose focus that you are the reason we strive to improve.