"We want valuable information, delivered in emotional experiences."
           - Today's Consumer


The PACIFIC DXP is our response for marketers to create, unify and deliver exceptional customer experiences at scale.


The PACIFIC Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

The marketing world has changed forever. Gone are the days of mass interruption… in its place is the era of customer control.

Today, consumers expect, no, deserve to experience a brand across digital devices and the many disparate channels with a personalized, contextually relevant, functioning and visually consistent brand image.

As demands across customer journeys rise, brands look to PACIFIC’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to unite and deliver experiences needed to grow a business.

Delivering on consumer's demand for a highly personalized experience.

/ What it is


The PACIFIC DXP is our response for marketers to create, unify and deliver exceptional customer experiences at scale. It is a complete content and digital asset management platform, featuring built-in eCommerce integrations, and a secure, modular architecture to build, personalize, test and optimize digital experiences.

/ About

What the DXP is NOT

The PACIFIC DXP is not a replacement or should be confused with your legacy CMS. Instead, the PACIFIC DXP goes a step further than a CMS by helping your brand product experiences through websites, apps, portals, IoT devices and beyond. Whether or not your brand is ready to augment your CMS with a DXP or transition entirely, depends upon the goals of your marketing.

/ The What

Old School or Innovation?

The question points to a problem in marketing organizations today. Many teams still waste valuable time piecing together channel strategies, managing them with separate processes, or moreover, don’t have a unified view of their customers. The PACIFIC DXP is allowing today’s marketers take innovative steps with their campaigns, rather than being down in the weeds of software integration, syncing up data across silos or are tied up in knots over delivering a disconnected customer experience.

/ The Why

We are investing into OUTCOMES.

On our journey to deliver on the promise of continuously delivering record breaking ROI for our clients, PACIFIC, as an agency with its roots in delivering services, not only realized the need for a coordinated and connected channel execution but embraced and developed a DXP, rather than labeling technologies as an existential threat. Yes, I want to learn how PACIFIC elevates its marketing and consulting services with the DXP.

/ The How


The PACIFIC DXP is designed to support multifaceted, multichannel, multisite initiatives, rather than “just” single, disconnected websites.

  • Business-to-consumer (B2C) websites or content publishing platforms to support commerce, or marketing initiatives.
  • Location based businesses (i.e. retailers with physical retail locations) to enable omni-channel strategies via search- and mobile optimized store locator landing pages.

Advanced Digital Asset Management (DAM)

The PACIFIC DXP contains a cloud-based central library to unify your creative, mobile, and online teams. It’s capabilities is allowing for product data, unstructured digital content, rich media, and marketing materials to be managed directly from a single interface.

Deep Ecommerce Integrations

With the PACIFIC DXP you can quickly create digital storefronts, bringing together relevant content, commerce and emotional experiences to accelerate online and offline sales.

Centralized Content Production, Collection & Enrichment

One PACIFIC DXP’s key differentiators is it’s ability to ingest, enrich, and create both first and third party content.