Search campaign grows transaction volume by 109%.


CarRentals.com uses content-led search strategy to gain massive growth.

/ Opportunity

CarRentals.com had been targeting the top 50 destinations for rental car queries, but wanted to scale to include more destinations. Our challenge was to build a large volume of new pages quickly. These pages needed to be high quality with destination-specific content that included targeted keywords to drive traffic and generate leads. Our goal was to increase the site’s organic search rankings, visitors, and conversions.

/ Services

  • Content Strategy
  • Content Development
  • SEO

The team at PACIFIC have been invaluable partners in helping guide our strategy, as well as driving execution for the channel. They’ve demonstrated excellent ideation, integrity, and collaboration throughout our engagement. I’ve also appreciated PACIFIC’s impressive attention to detail and their ability to be flexible in order to meet changing business needs.

Justin Ocampo / Manager of Online Marketing at CarRentals.com

/ Insights

Previously, CarRentals.com had focused on targeting the highest trafficked regions, but we dug further into consumer behavior. We analyzed search volume over the past 12 months for brand names, class of vehicle, and rental supplier preferences and optimized different combinations of these categories. This enabled us to identify and optimize 100% of the geo-locations covered by CarRentals.com, not just top destinations and select keywords that naturally fit within our robust content creation strategy.

/ Results

CarRentals.com originally featured approximately 50 destinations and 500 web pages. PACIFIC developed a search campaign alongside the CarRentals.com team to expand to 44,193 destinations, with roughly 1 million unique pages.

We accomplished this by creating 20 templates featuring headlines and widgets designed to funnel traffic to the site. Next, we crafted unique content infused with SEO keywords for the new pages, and assisted in the redesign of the website to enhance UX and aesthetics.

In the end, we created content for 44,000+ destinations and 1 million pages, there was a 75% increase in traffic, and geo-funnel keywords moved to the top 10 for SERP rankings.


Increase in traffic


Increase in transaction volume

Top 10

Geo-funnel keywords moved to the Top 10 for SERP rankings


Content for 44,000+ destinations and 1 million pages

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