Appealing to a younger market for San Diego Blood Bank brings a new generation of donors and wins multiple awards.

#DonateA Selfie

PACIFIC wins big with social campaign for local nonprofit


PACIFIC wanted to work with a nonprofit to execute a creative, multi-channel, pro bono campaign to boost awareness and encourage new audiences. San Diego Blood Bank emerged as the perfect partner because their messaging needs aligned with the skills and principles PACIFIC brings to the table. We discovered a need to reach beyond their loyal donor base to find a younger audience—the loyal donors of the future.

PACIFIC knew we needed to find this audience where they live, with a campaign centered on that space—social media. Our aim was to encourage engagement, increase awareness, and educate about the need and uses of blood donation. We needed a catchy message that would inspire action for a cause much overlooked by the younger generation. We were excited to help an organization that does so much good for the community and to get young people excited about the cause.

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We put our Strategy and Creative teams to work, gaining insights about the field of donation and the current and target demographics. We saw missed opportunities with SDBB’s marketing to connect to a new, media-savvy target audience. We also needed to update promotional efforts with eye-catching imagery and a strong social media presence.

We knew their commitment to their devoted (yet stagnant) donor base is unshakeable, and important to maintain. But we also needed to help them develop dialogue with future donors. So, we set out to meld their existing brand identity with a new hook and voice. Through our research and experience, we know that Millennials and Gen Z’s values align with social responsibility and finding good causes. But they can also be a little self (and selfie)-obsessed. Through these findings, #DonateASelfie was born.

/ Results

#DonateASelfie capitalizes on the premise that the physical act to take a selfie is the same as donating blood—extending your arm. We used this to create a social and out-of-home campaign with compelling, colorful imagery that speaks to that connection. We encouraged the audience to “Extend your arm for something beyond yourself,” take a selfie donating blood, and share the message online.

Facebook, and YouTube ads, and Instagram posts pulled in social engagements. Google ads captured internet traffic. Meanwhile, bus stop ads, banners, and posters lined college campuses and city blocks, as well as donation centers. Ads pointed people to a custom microsite that served as a resource for answering common questions, as well as serving an array of SEO goals and further promoting the campaign. Our stakeholder at San Diego Blood Bank appeared on local morning news to help spread the word.

On Facebook, we ran couple different ads, for a total of 454,552 impressions. Between Facebook and YouTube, we generated a solid social engagements. On YouTube, campaign ads generated 74,540 impressions, with more than 17.000 of viewers watching the ad to at least the halfway point. Altogether, the microsite saw 2,369 unique visitors in three months.


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Awards including 3 gold

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