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Don't Skip the Trip

Flights.com multi-channel creative campaign helps increase YoY traffic growth by 250%.

/ Opportunity

Flights.com, a subsidiary of Expedia, Inc., exists to make traveling the world easy, affordable, and fun. And when Expedia’s 2015 Vacation Deprivation study revealed that 92 percent of Americans felt happier after a getaway, yet the country’s workforce left 500 million vacation days unused, our team saw a unique opportunity to promote more travel. It may seem easy to encourage people to take a vacation, but we couldn’t underestimate the pressures of a busy work life, which is one of the main reasons people don’t take the time off that they deserve.

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  • Content Marketing
  • Creative
  • Social Media

/ Insights

Our opportunity was crystal clear. We needed to remind travelers of the best reasons to book a flight and take a trip: to revisit favorite people, places, and pastimes. And with that, we launched Flights.com Facebook Connect. By adding the feature, travelers could receive customized deal updates on flights to their most-visited check-ins. Inspired by this technology and the power of nostalgia for long-ago vacations, we created the “Don’t Skip the Trip” campaign to encourage travelers to use their vacation days and educate them about the benefits of taking a break from late nights and holidays spent at the office. We thought it was time people made new memories—and they agreed.

/ Results

We planned a timely holiday launch of a playful yet informative multi-channel creative campaign, including three humorous brand videos, partnerships with travel industry influencers, social, and PR promoting the campaign via Flights.com-owned channels, including social media and the blog. It worked—we created a dynamic online presence that helped increase YoY traffic growth by 250%.


MoM organic traffic increased


Increase of keywords ranking on page 1


YoY traffic growth peaked at nearly 250% during the last week of the campaign


Keywords ranking in positions 1-3 more than doubled

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