Today, Marketing is personal (…as if you haven’t heard that one before) but how do you scale content creation to deliver personalization?

Introducing Catamaran

PACIFIC’s Natural Language Generation AI

/ Catamaran

Personalized Content at Scale

As the Marketing world has changed forever, customers expect to deserve more than “Hi [FIRSTNAME], get 15% off now.”

We all demand to be treated like people, and as this expectation for mass personalized content surpasses “just” email subject lines, PACIFIC’s approach to scaling content production wasn’t about simply “Writing More”, but “Doing it Differently”.

And “Doing it Differently” evolved into the development of a world-leading Natural Language Generation tool,   CATAMARAN, that can transform data into writing more, cheaper and better performing marketing content for enterprise brands around the world.

Scaling content creation for the new expectations of personalization.

/ What it is

Natural Language Generation AI

CATAMARAN is Artificial Intelligence (AI) that specializes in a brand compliant content generation for ambitious, ROI loving and analytical Marketers.

The best part? Virtually unlimited content production at the touch of a button – And did we mention it’s all personalized?

/ Problems It Solves

3 Reasons enterprise businesses need Natural Language Generation

Brands have plenty of reasons to implement PACIFIC’s Natural Language Generation (NLG) solutions, but as the field of AI-powered content creation can feel a bit...shall we say overwhelming, we have compiled a few of the biggest pain points CATAMARAN is solving for some of our clients:

  • 1. Scale – Humans can’t scale, and even if they could… it would be in direct conflict to our promise in delivering continuously record-breaking ROI.
  • 2. Efficiency – To create unmatched operational efficiencies in content creation, we enable as many operating decisions (Data analysis, keyword research, etc.) as possible to be made by our algorithms fueled by live data rather than by humans supported by their own analysis.
  • 3. Outsell Peers – With CATAMARAN, brands deliver maintenance-free, evergreen, easy-to-read, and personalized content. No, we don’t mean “Dear [NAME]”, but bespoke narratives containing information relevant only to her or him. Marketers embracing it, benefit from greater brand engagement and outselling their peers by more than 30% that don’t.

/ The Why

Why we invested into Artificial Intelligence powered content production?

Beyond the obvious? Which is creating unfair advantages for our clients that generate higher ROI than any other of our competitors can even dream to achieve? Sure… here are a two more:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – PACIFIC’s pedigree is in SEO, and for years we have realized that to drive top performing organic search campaigns, the lines between “traditional” SEO and User Experiences (UX) needed to blur… And relevant content is a cornerstone of both.
  • Accelerated Time To Market – With so much competition for our clients in the marketplace, we looked to create competitive advantages for them across all aspects of their business. CATAMARAN’s AI reduces the time to produce and publish data-driven from weeks or days to mere seconds.

/ Use Cases by Industry

CATAMARAN for Travel, Hospitality, & Tourism

While the use cases can vary by industry, our AI-powered content creation was built by Marketers (plus, Data Scientist, Linguists, Engineers, and a bunch of other Geeks) for Marketers.

Travel, Hospitality & Tourism:

  • CATAMARAN can generate virtually unlimited, better and truly Unique Hotel Descriptions.
    Applicable to: Vacation Rentals, Homes, or other accommodation alternatives
  • Brand compliant, inspirational, rich in valuable information Travel Destination content that won’t require ongoing updating.
    Applicable to: Experiences, Points of Interest, and more
  • Dynamic, real-time fare and *flight information on “Flights to [Destination]”, Airline or Route [i.e. JFK to LAX] landing pages.
    Applicable to: Car Rentals, Rail, Cruise, or Multimodal Transportation

/ Use Cases by Industry

CATAMARAN for Retail & eCommerce

While the use cases can vary by industry, our AI-powered content creation was built by Marketers (plus, Data Scientist, Linguists, Engineers, and a bunch of other Geeks) for Marketers.

Retailer, eCommerce, Marketplaces, Aggregators & Directories:

  • Using CATAMARAN, qualified website traffic surges for online Marketplaces, Aggregators or Directories as it automatically generates truly unique, keyword and conversion optimized listing and location-specific landing page copy.
  • Our AI maximizes eCommerce revenue potential by utilizing 1st and 3rd party data in the creation of unique, relevant and unlimited category and product descriptions.
  • CATAMARAN is the ONLY NLG solution in the market fueled by the insights of a Location Intelligence (a subset of Business Intelligence, BI) tool. The marriage between the two allows ambitious marketers to outperform their peers in O2O (vice versa, Retail to Online Consumer, R2OC) conversions.

Brand Compliant

Your brand and your brand voice aren’t generic, so why would your content be, even if it mass-personalized and written by AI.

Multi-Language Capable

CATAMARAN can handle the Latin alphabet (just to clarify, the English alphabet is based on it), just as well as Chinese, Arabic or Russian characters… though our Engineers and Linguists still tweak Dothraki. In other words, neither “Auf Wiedersehen”, “صباح الخير “ or “你好吗” presents a problem.

Platform Agnostic

CATAMARAN produced content can be digested via APIs, batch transfers or 3rd party platforms as when required.