PACIFIC launches tool to transform layovers into extended holidays.

Takeover Your Layover

The site saw a 198% increase in organic visits.

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eBookers.com is one of Europe’s premier online travel agencies offering an array of travel products. To fulfill their latest commitment to delivering a more personalized travel experience, PACIFIC helped eBookers.com develop an initiative called Take Over Your Layover. This was a campaign to help travelers extend their holidays by transforming layover time into a customized travel experience.

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Layovers are often the worst part about traveling. They can feel like a waste of time, and quite frankly they’re just dull. Capitalizing on this notion, Take Over Your Layover offers an online tool that takes away the hassle of research by giving users recommendations on attractions and activities in and around London Heathrow airport. Travelers could build customized layovers, selecting from a variety of factors including the length of the layover, who they are traveling with, and how they are feeling. Based on their selections, the microsite generated links to layover activities and local insider tips.

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Through a dynamic microsite, authentic organic and paid social media efforts, bloggers, and local recommendations, the campaign successfully increased partnership and engagement opportunities in the test market of London Heathrow Airport.

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