PACIFIC drives organic performance through user experience testing.

Davinci UX

DavinciVirtual.com saw lower bounce rates and improved conversation, both huge factors in the success of the site.

/ Opportunity

For months, Davinci was unable to achieve its organic performance targets. The site was already well optimized from a basic SEO standpoint (good titles, on-page elements, keyword-rich, schema, etc.). Eventually, the experiential SEO team at PACIFIC recognized that the bounce rates of Davinci’s top landing pages were significantly higher than the expected industry average. They suspected Davinci’s organic visibility and traffic were closely tied to the suboptimal user experience on these landing pages.

/ Services

  • SEO
  • User Experience

/ Insights

We enlisted real customers to perform various tasks on Davinci’s website so we could document their experiences, their likes, and most importantly, their biggest pain points. This exercise surfaced numerous UX issues that the team addressed in the form of technical and content-driven recommendations. Examples of these included privacy notifications (on mobile) that covered the main menu and prevented users from navigating the site. PACIFIC also identified that specific calls-to-action were confusing to people, and that site searches were returning bad results. We worked with Davinci’s team to fix these issues.

/ Results

At PACIFIC, we believe that bounce rate and click-through rate are huge factors in a website’s success from both an organic search standpoint and for conversions. You want your site to fulfill the needs of its users, and for Davinci, we made sure that was the case. In the matter of a four-week period, conversion rates improved over 80% and transactions doubled month-over-month.


Improvement in conversion rates


Transaction improvement MoM