Take the Wheel: How to Fast Track Your Content

Car Rentals

CarRentals.com increased awareness of offerings using data, insights and research

/ Opportunity

CarRentals.com, member of the Expedia family, is a worldwide car rental company working with several car rental companies to help the customer find the best deal. To increase awareness of CarRentals.com offerings, we used data, insights and research to create blog content for SEO value and to inspire bookings, high DA links, traffic and social engagement.

/ Services

  • Content Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media

/ Insights

We knew that refreshing great content at the right time and tapping into local pride would create a newsworthy story, ultimately driving more traffic. The 25 Most Festive Holiday Towns post originally published in 2017 was a well-trafficked, socially engaging post but we wanted to see if we could drive higher results.

/ How we did it

With 25 destinations in the blog post URL, we switched out destinations in the original article that didn’t engage (ex: no news outlets ran a story, no social media engagement) with destinations worthy of the holiday accolade that had opportunities with local media and tourism boards.

/ Results

For brands looking to drive traffic and build links, refreshing and repurposing previously published content can be a goldmine. With strategic effort, you can recreate previous success with less man power.


increase in links


increase in pageviews


increase in social engagement


increase in placements

/ Pinterest Asset

/ PR & Amplication

Most links were from media sites like PennLive, Real 106.1 FM Cleveland and CBS Philly. The Pinterest-friendly asset was used in news outlet coverage.