Hotwire Customized Experience


Hotwire was struggling to provide a differentiated experience while staying competitive with pricing and inventory for its hotels' products across all devices.

/ Challenge

Hotwire, a subsidiary brand of the Expedia Group, is a global online travel agency with operating revenue of over $30million (USD). They offer hot deals on hotel rooms, airline tickets, rental cars, and vacation packages. Their value proposition revolves around “hot rates” for hotels.


The world of online travel is a crowded space, with massive competition from brands such as TripAdvisor, Booking, Expedia, SkyScanner. While Google operates primarily as a search engine, its results pages also serve as a direct competitor to Hotwire. Google’s own flights and hotels are positioned strategically to take away customers who would have otherwise clicked on Hotwire results. The industry continues to grow at a rapid rate, with bookings projected to hit $817billion in 2020.


Hotwire was struggling to provide a differentiated experience from the other brands while staying competitive with pricing and inventory for their hotels’ products across all devices. In particular, were Hotel Travel Guides and Hotel Filter Pages (EG: Pet-Friendly Hotels). Hotel travel guides and filter pages provided a less than optimal user experience by not showing seasonal trends & rates that would otherwise help travelers plan accordingly.

/ Services

  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • UX

/ Results

Other OTA’s were showing an improved performance by displaying greater amounts of product inventory that is consistent across devices. Through experimentation on Hotwire’s home-grown CMS, FLEX, we found functionality that would enable us to add customized modules and expand inventory for hotel and car deals. This allowed us to create a differentiated, personalized Hotwire experience.


Through our data-driven measurement tool, Causal Impact, we were able to analyze the degree of impact that our changes had on performance as it reached statistical significance. Intrinsic knowledge of FLEX partnered with our deep knowledge of the travel industry through our enterprise clients allowed Hotwire to efficiently address their primary problem of providing a unique travel-booking experience.


What were the metrics accomplished?
Improved traffic & impressions to our Hotel Travel Guide pages.

What was the client’s reaction?
The client was extremely pleased with the outcome and further projects/improvements resulted from this.


Increase in clicks
(Hotel Travel Guides)


Increase in clickthrough rates
(Hotel Travel Guides)


Increase in clicks
(Hotel Filter Pages)


Increase in impressions
(Hotel Filter Pages)

/ Results to date:

Over the last year, PACIFIC has discovered new ways to maximize Hotwire’s searchability resulting in:

• Increased non-branded traffic to their Hotel Pages by 70.26% (compared to YoY)

• Increased non-branded traffic to their Car Rental pages by 46.46% (compared to YoY)

• Increased non-branded traffic to their Flight pages by 79.66% (compared to YoY)