Small business mentor project gets 17 million impressions.


Campaign reinforces that Microsoft offers practical solutions for businesses of all types and sizes.

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Microsoft’s U.S. Small Business Marketing (SMB) team wanted to engage with small- to medium-sized business owners to prove that their products and services could benefit startups and novice entrepreneurs—not just large enterprises. We devised the Small Business Mentor Project. The campaign was built to reaffirm that Microsoft understands the needs of small-business owners and has products that solve problems for them.

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The Small Business Mentor campaign was not just an opportunity to blast out a marketing message, but a chance to get into the trenches with the customer and better understand their needs.

/ Insights

The Small Business Mentor campaign allowed us to get into the trenches with the customer and better understand their needs now, so we could also inform future product development and content strategies. We paired two small businesses, Hudson Pilates and Midas Mount, with business influencers and technology experts who could help the entrepreneurs create and execute comprehensive strategies while implementing Microsoft technology to grow their businesses.

/ Results

PACIFIC managed and produced a series of face-to-face and virtual consultations between the mentors and mentees, documenting the dialogues and lessons learned throughout. We then translated the sessions into a series of articles, blog posts, tips for entrepreneurs, and infographics. The campaign was organically promoted on social channels, along with paid media opportunities to produce a fully integrated amplification strategy. The results went above and beyond expectations. There were 17 million tracked impressions across social media. Click-through rate exceeded the Taboola projection by 124%. There were 30,000 click-throughs to the Microsoft website, exceeding the LinkedIn projection by 108%.

17 million

Trackable impressions across social media


Exceeded Taboola click-through projection by 124%


Click-throughs to the Microsoft website


Exceeded LinkedIn click-through projection by 108%


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