Differentiating a brand in a sea of marketing sameness with an emotional, thought-provoking creative campaign.

Made to Keep

Creative campaign expands CubeSmart’s brand presence in target markets.


Self-storage is a competitive market, with many players and seemingly little difference between them. CubeSmart built its brand on the belief that “It’s what’s inside that counts,” and lives their motto every day by being welcoming, reliable, and helpful. Now they just needed to get their message out.

CubeSmart wanted to execute a forward-thinking campaign to expand their brand presence in important target markets such as New York City. At the same time, they needed to differentiate themselves from the competition, leaning into their brand proposition as the storage company that cares about its customers.

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PACIFIC tasked our amazing Strategy team with surveying the marketplace and identifying CubeSmart’s best opportunities. We discovered a sea of sameness in self-storage marketing, with many companies using humor to highlight everyday life experiences and say “We offer you peace of mind so you can worry about the more important things in life.”

We also discovered some surprising negative conversation around the topic of self-storage—coming from industry leaders themselves! The CEO of Public Storage has been quoted saying “There’s a lot of junk stored in our properties,” and “We could put a torch to this building and it would have zero effect on the local economy.” Talk about the opposite of the CubeSmart brand.

Finally, we wanted to leverage a timely strategy relating to America’s “consumption boom”: we have twice as many possessions as we did just 25 years ago. The rise of Marie Kondo and zero-waste influencers speaks to our stress and guilt about all our “stuff.” But getting rid of things you love isn’t the solution.

PACIFIC saw an opportunity to differentiate CubeSmart using emotional appeal, positioning them as the company that cares about your stuff. Our campaign would speak to recent trends, change the conversation around storage, and make CubeSmart stand out in a crowded space.

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The Made to Keep campaign brings to light the meaningful relationships people have with the things they own. Rather than getting rid of your belongings, CubeSmart will help you find, nurture, and create value out of the things you own. Forget Marie Kondo. CubeSmart wants people to feel proud about keeping their things.

PACIFIC created a series of assets drawing on meaningful life events—and why the possessions you gain from them are Made to Keep. With billboards, subway and bus stop ads, YouTube videos and bumper ads, paid media, a landing page, and supporting blog posts, Made to Keep is a comprehensive campaign covering almost every channel.

The out-of-home advertising ran in [X] cities, including New York and [another good example?] and was supported by paid media advertising and blog posts. Made to Keep gained public and media attention for the CubeSmart brand in its most valued markets and positioned the company as the self-storage provider that cares about its customers.


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