Vrbo Content Play


Vrbo wanted to increase its brand's search visibility in platforms beyond Google, as well as expand its social presence with useful and reliable listing content.

/ Challenge

We know “search” is more than just the Google search bar. Any platform with a search bar has the opportunity to reach your target audience. To answer this need, PACIFIC created “Content Play”, the easiest way to transform written content into video content and expand a brand’s social presence with quick production time, reduced costs, and that professional look.

In the travel industry, there are opportunities left on the table. From hotels to activities to flights and packages, there’s no shortage of search demand beyond Google itself.

In addition, with 82% of all internet traffic coming from video content and 64% of users being more likely to buy after watching a video, we had the opportunity to diversify traffic to more direct areas and drive more bookings.

/ Services

  • Design
  • Content
  • SEO

/ Results

YouTube daily pageviews per visitor are near 10.6 million and almost 14% of all its traffic is originated from search.

So why not turn written content into an asset that gets results no matter the platform? And even further, why not turn it into a video asset?

Using our self-sufficient proprietary process and asset library, PACIFIC quickly created SEO-friendly scripts and storyboards transforming Vrbo family destination guides into 5 visually stunning and professional videos, each linking back to a U.S. family destination guide landing page with kid-friendly activities ready for YouTube and other social channels.

Each video was directly uploaded to their YouTube with SEO-optimized descriptions, tags, and elements for each chapter.

After 6 months (videos posted 7/26/21), we saw all videos ranking under “Suggested Videos” and owning the following rankings for the following videos:


On YouTube:


  • San Diego
    • San Diego kid activities (#7)
    • Things to do with kids in San Diego (#8)
    • Best things to do with kids in San Diego (#7)
    • Kids in San Diego (#7)
    • Family-friendly activities in San Diego (#5)


  • Orlando
    • Things to do with kids in Orlando (#4)
    • Kid-friendly activities in Orlando (#12)


  • Myrtle Beach
    • Things to do with kids in Myrtle Beach (#1)
    • Myrtle Beach kids activities (#4)


  • Destin
    • Things to do with kids in Destin (#2)
    • Destin kid activities (#6)
    • Destin kid-friendly (#5)


  • Gatlinburg
    • Gatlinburg kid-friendly (#9)
    • Gatlinburg with kids (#6)
    • Family-friendly Gatlinburg (#9)


And on Google:


  • Gatlinburg
    • We are ranking for “things to do with kids in Gatlinburg” as a normal YouTube result in the SERP


  • Destin
    • Ranking in the Videos section of the SERP for “things to do with kids in Destin” and “kids things to do in Destin”
    • Ranking as a regular YouTube result for “family-friendly things to do in Destin”


Connecting Vrbo’s YouTube channel with their Google organic listing allowed us to increase their ranking and visibility for a large number of important search results.